Continental Property Group has managed millions of square feet of commercial property for more than 35 years. We believe that property managers ultimately add great value to a property. Unlike traditional management companies, who earn profit from commissions on tenant movement, we negotiate a reasonable and affordable management fee which allows both partners to profit from high tenant loyalty and occupancy.


While other firms take a reactive approach to problems, CPG foresees them. Our staff regularly inspects our properties, interviews tenants, and provides owners with updated information and recommendations to further enhance buildings.

Property Pride

Before you even enter a CPG property, take one look at our grounds and you can see the difference. We maintain our properties inside and out as though we were the tenants.

High Retention

Experience and research indicate that satisfied tenants rarely move. Conversely, it is very difficult to recover the cost incurred from high tenant turnovers. CPG can claim one of the highest tenant retention rates in the property management industry.

Accessible & Responsive

Because we own all of the properties we manage you can be¬†assured we’re focused and always on point. CPG believes communication is the key to satisfied, long-term clients.

The management team at CPG is very transparent but close by to respond quickly to any questions. We had an electrical outage due to a storm and CPG responded immediately to get us back up and operating.

Cal Franklin

President, TN Marketing

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