Moving your business can be expensive and disruptive. Choose a property that you can stay with long term. CPG has a solid history of proficiently run properties that you can be proud to occupy. Visit any property we manage and you will immediately see our commitment to consistently cared for and attractive spaces. Your clients will notice it too.


What makes CPG leasing unique?

Because we lease our own buildings, Continental Property Group does not follow the typical model. In other leasing transactions a broker will negotiate terms on behalf of the tenant and disappear until renewal time. Without this middleman, CPG can negotiate terms that we can be proud of—terms that are realistic and benefit both Landlord and Tenant. And signing is only the beginning of our relationship. We oversee construction of tenant improvements and work day-to-day with the tenant while managing the property. This provides a level of communication and trust that is rare in the leasing industry.

Competitive Rates

We know you don’t want to over-pay for your space. CPG properties offer all the necessities and a variety of options at reasonable rates.

Tenant Improvements

CPG has a renovation team in place ready to help make the space fit your needs and meet your deadlines.

Creative Terms

Does your business need something different than the standard lease? We work with our tenants to arrive at terms that make sense for their needs.

Ongoing Relationship

Because CPG places a premium on retention, our properties are well cared for. We don’t just lease a space, we get to know our tenants.

We wanted a building that would be well maintained with limited distraction and that is what we found in this CPG managed building. CPG is very responsive and timely to any questions or issues.

Cal Franklin

President, TN Marketing

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