Have an Opportunity for Us?

Continental Property Group is focused on continuing to build our diverse portfolio across the United States.  We are always interested in talking to lenders, brokers, and management companies about acquisition opportunities.

Timely Due Diligence

CPG recognizes the importance of conducting a thorough and cost effective due diligence during the early stages of a transaction.  We immediately engage a trusted group of advisors in an effort to remove uncertainty and analyze the costs and benefits of any real estate transaction before we commit.

Investment Analysis

We carefully manage our portfolio. When you bring us an opportunity we will carefully study how the investment is likely to perform and determine if it is suitable for our portfolio-management strategy.

We close when we say we are going to close

CPG follows the written rules and the unwritten rules. We trust the honor of the people we do business with. And they take us at our word. Our track record is our greatest strength. We encourage you to talk to people who have done business with us.

Financial Strength

In over 35 years of business CPG has never had a bankruptcy. Simply put, we pay off our loans. That’s a fact you can check.

CPG proved themselves over and over to be professional, responsive, and dedicated to gathering the right information to make good decisions. Additionally, they have a track record of successful projects that speaks for itself.

Brent Rogers

President, Greco Properties

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