About Us

Since 1979, Continental Property Group (CPG) has evolved into one of Minnesota’s strongest, most consistently effective commercial developers. With history built on innovation, our name ensures successful, resilient and strategically located developments. We serve all segments of the industry from neighborhood retail, medical buildings and office towers, sprawling industrial compounds, and luxury multi-family rentals.

Our experience as owners and builders of millions of square feet of commercial property place us “heads above” our competition. We have the knowledge of construction design efficiencies that go straight to the bottom line, and our focus on value engineering and quality assurance demands that each component of the project is analyzed for maximum value.

CPG continually demonstrates its superior ability in all facets of development and management issues which directly impact the bottom line for all parties. That’s why CPG’s clients have included such corporations as Best Buy, General Mills, ITT, General Electric, Monsanto, Boeing, Fleming Foods, Fairview Hospital Services, Berkshire Hathaway, Honeywell Inc, Cargill, Internal Revenue Service, United States Marine Corp, Kohl’s, Children’s Health Care, Louis Dreyfus Commodities and Donaldson Company.